DSP India Equity Fund

DSP Global Funds ICAV (the “ICAV”) is an open-ended umbrella type Irish collective asset-management vehicle with variable capital and limited liability registered with and authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland to carry on business as an ICAV, pursuant to Part 2 of the Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicles Act, 2015 and established as an undertaking for collective investment in transferable securities with segregated liability between its Funds pursuant to the European Communities (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) Regulations, 2011 (S.I. No. 352 of 2011) as amended. The ICAV is structured as an umbrella fund and each Funds represents a separate portfolio of assets and further sub-divided, to denote differing characteristics attributable to particular Shares, into Classes.

Investment Objective: The investment objective of the Fund is to achieve long term capital appreciation from a portfolio that is substantially constituted of equity and equity related securities of mid cap and small cap companies.

Investment Horizon: The Fund may be suitable for those investors with a medium to long term time horizon who wish to gain exposure to Indian equity markets and who recognize the risks of investing in an emerging market country and who can tolerate the level of volatility of returns typical of such an investment.

Investment Risks: Investment in the Fund involves certain risk factors and considerations relating to the Fund's structure and investment objective which a prospective investor should evaluate before making a decision to invest in the Fund. No assurance can be given that the Fund will succeed in meeting its investment objective or that there will be any return on capital. Moreover, past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Please refer the Section ‘Risk Factors’ provided in the Prospectus & Supplement for further details.

PAST PERFORMANCE WARNING: Please be aware that these figures refer to simulated past performance and simulated past performance is not a reliable indication of future results. This graph does not contain information about the performance of DSP India Equity Fund (a sub-fund of DSP Global Funds ICAV) due to lack of operating history. Performance is displayed for a DSP Representative Fund which is substantially the same as DSP India Equity Fund. Currency fluctuations may cause the value of your investment to increase or decrease.

The performance shown for the DSP Representative Fund is net performance, which takes into account the effect of management fees and other administrative charges. Please note that these fees and charges may be different to those charged for DSP India Equity Fund.

Denominated Currency: USD

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Key Risks

The key risks associated with investment in ICAV Fund/Sub-Fund(s) is summarised below. Potential subscribers/investors must refer to the Prospectus & Supplement for the detailed risks associated with investment in the Fund before investing.Different risks may apply to different Funds and/or Classes.